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Farhat Ara

Area of Practice

Science educator, Researcher



Masters (Zoology), Calcutta University, Kolkata

PhD (Science Education), Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education (TIFR), Mumbai. Received the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (TIFR) Alumni Association- B.M. Udgaonkar Award for the Best thesis of the year, 2013-2014.


Work Experience


  • Worked at RV Educational Consortium (Bangalore) as a Project Facilitator for D.Ed. teachers, collaborated with other teammates from the Consortium in conducting research and field work on teachers’ Pedagogical Content Knowledge in science and mathematics education

Interest Areas

science and technology education; history and philosophy of science and design; Science Technology and Society (STS); biologically inspired design and biomimicry;

science learning and understanding through art and design practices

Current Practice at Srishti

Teaching and research faculty at the Centre for Education, Research, Training and Development (CERTAD) since 2013, Faculty for Undergraduate and Postgraduate levels with an aim to nurture diverse forms of inquiry and scholarship

Creative practice and Outreach

Reviewed Conference papers at epiSTEME 7: Seventh International Conference to Review Research on Science, Technology and Mathematics Education, Jan 2018

Projects showcase:

Farhat Ara Project
Highlighting the coexistence of microbes with humans in their immediate surroundings, through illustration

“Living Visual”- Seventh Semester Project


Farhat Ara 2
Visual exploration of the unseen world


Farhat Ara 3
Student work: Cover Page illustration

Love you Love you not: Microbes and Me

Farhat Ara 4
Student work: Cover page illustration


Farhat Ara 5
Fig 2.3 Newspaper advertisement