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Asmita Sarkar

Area of Practice

Visual Artist, Researcher


BA, MA in Experimental Psychology

MFA in Contemporary Art Theory and Practice

Advanced Diploma in French language

Work Experience

  • Exhibited in UK and in India
  • Worked in a cross-cultural education setting (across China and US), primarily organizing cultural immersion programs
  • Wrote and published academic articles in Tracey: Journal of Drawing

Interest Areas

Contemporary-painting; Contemporary-drawing; Intersection between social-sciences and art and design; Art and design practice research

Current Practice at Srishti

Psychology and Anthropology of Drawing, Art-writing, Research Methods in Social Sciences,  Art and Design Research, Ethnography, Drawing for Ideation

Creative Practice and Outreach

  • Painting of exhibitions and residencies – ShopArtArtShop (Himalayas)
  • Writing workshop organized by Trans technology Network, Plymouth University in Kochi, during the 2018 Biennale
  • Research enquiries on Visual Art -  upcoming article on Prabhakar Pachpute’s charcoal drawing to be published in Tracey

Projects showcase:

Psychology for Artists and Designers

Psychology for Artists and Designers
Mind Map of daily commute by student Harshita Narula


Psychology for Artists and Designers
Mind map of a planned group vacation by students Hima Zacharia and Varshini Girish


Drawing for Ideation

Drawing for Ideation
Interpretation of The Great Wave by Richa Mehta