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Anwesha Das

Area of Practice

Critic, Scholar, Researcher


Master of Arts and Bachelor of Arts in English with special papers on postcolonial studies and new literatures in English,  University of Calcutta

PhD in African Literature from The English and Foreign Languages University, Hyderabad

Work Experience

  • Developed curriculum, taught courses and workshops in varied universities and colleges in India.
  • Assistant Professor at VIT University, Chennai and Techno India, Kolkata,
  • Taught courses on critical writing, technical writing, creative writing and Business English.
  • Lecturer at DCH College, Kolkata, teaching Romantic and Victorian literature

Interest Areas

Black studies, with research experience in African studies; critical theory, political theory and global studies

Current Practice at Srishti

Critical writing, creative story-telling, literary theories, black studies, new histories and world literature

Creative Practice and Outreach

  • Working with local student groups in Kolkata

Projects showcase:

Environmental Exposure

Environmental Exposure
Student field visit to Mattur ( Shimoga, Karnataka) to deepen understandings of cultural diversity and co-existence.


Environmental Exposure
On site in Shimoga.