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Digital Media Production: Pathway - Visual Effects

“If a shot is done well, nobody even notices it, but that’s the whole point.” - Anonymous


Image: Shooting for a student short in our in-house Green Screen Studio



The Visual Effects pathway aims to develop technical and creative competency in individuals who can generate industry standard computer-generated imagery (CGI). They will engage in a comprehensive skills training that covers the several aspects of film production and post-production. The approach for teaching encourages research and innovative thinking along with a highly focused development of craft. Srishti has a state-of-the-art green screen studio and a well-equipped shooting floor to support the student’s learning.


Image : Student work - A still from a VFX shot


What you will learn

Year-1 (NSQF Level 4 & 5)

  • Understand visual effects fundamentals.
  • Learning pre-production techniques, including storyboarding, pre-viz, and motion graphics.
  • Training in rotoscopy, green screen techniques, and 2D compositing.
  • Introduction to 3D world building, including modelling, texturing, and lighting.
  • Gaining practical experience with compositing software.
  • Exposure to industry work culture, production pipeline, and collaborative practices.

Year-2 (NSQF Level-6)

  • Development of advanced skills in 3D and compositing software.
  • Expertise in creating realistic 3D dynamics and simulations.
  • Proficiency in set extensions, animation, and advanced compositing techniques.
  • Application of skills to replicate real-world phenomena within a digital environment.
  • Practical experience through industry apprenticeships, applying learning in a professional setting.

Year-3 (NSQF Level-7)

  • Hands-on experience in a production studio, honing practical skills in a specialized role.
  • Opportunity to identify and develop expertise in a specific area of interest within visual effects.
  • Execution of a capstone project, either individually or in a team, to apply and showcase acquired knowledge.
  • Cultivation of investigative thinking, project management skills, and specialized expertise through the capstone project.


Image : Still from the student production ‘Bangalore: Human-Made Terrarium’