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Film Production – Pathway for Digital Media Production

“The cinema implies a total inversion of values, a complete upheaval of optics, of perspective and logic. It is more exciting than phosphorus, more captivating than love.” - Anton Artaud


Student Exercise – Shooting



The Film production pathway is designed to train students in shoot based live action production. You will have the opportunity to learn visualisation techniques for many formats of film and video production using format specific conventions. Through hands-on experience, you will gain a vocational level understanding of the production process of short fiction, non-fiction and promotional videos with a coherent and evocative narrative.


What you will learn

Year-1 (NSQF Level 4 & 5)

  • Introduction to live-action elements
  • Technical training in language and writing.
  • Creative instruction in cinematography.
  • Foundational knowledge in sound and editing.
  • Basics of production techniques.
  • Ability to produce beginner-level audiovisual content after one year.

Year-2 (NSQF Level-6)

  • Training in the three stages of production during the second year.
  • Development of ideas and production skills in both single and multi-camera shooting environments.
  • Exposure to producing content in various formats.
  • Ability to understand production briefs and create film and video content at an intermediate level by the end of the second year

Year-3 (NSQF Level-7)

  • Specialized skill enhancement in content production for clear communication and brief fulfilment in year three.
  • Opportunities for focused learning in specific areas of media production.
  • Achievement of the ability to independently undertake various media projects at a vocational level by the end of the third year.


Student Exercise – Shooting



Student Work