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Creative Manufacturing: Pathway - Textile & Apparel Design

There is no beauty in the finest cloth if it makes hunger and unhappiness. - Mahatma Gandhi

Value of handmade and handcrafted is intrinsic.


Textile & Apparel Design pathway focuses on the value of handmade and handcrafted textiles. The course builds understanding of the discipline and processes that goes into designing textiles and garment construction. The programme hones the production knowledge and business skills that are needed in the present textile industry.

Knowledge and understanding of fibres, fabrics and quality control, surface embellishment techniques, principles of apparel manufacturing and measurement systems and introduction to traditional Indian textile techniques and handloom weaving will be part of the journey.

The course also sensitizes students to design to fashion trends in a sustainable way.
The sheer variety and craftsmanship extant in Indian textile traditions are unique in the world. Customers today need contemporary expressions of traditional textiles in addition to high quality editions of traditional wear and home textiles.

First-hand experience of making is encouraged at every stage

What you will learn

Year-1 (NSQF Level 4 & 5)

  • Gain experience in surface embellishment, print and embroidery, screen printing, basics of weaving, basic garment construction and pattern drafting and home linen accessories.
  • Be able to create simple textile surface designs and weaves.
  • Gain basic knowledge about the production process and business skills.

Year-2 (NSQF Level 6)

  • Draw & interpret the technical drawing of apparel for the various allied industries. Acquire the skill to visualise apparel using Adobe© Illustrator application.
  • Ability to apply learned skills in Advanced pattern drafting and Garment construction in future projects.
  • Understand entrepreneur design thinking process to realise one’s potential in business skills.
  • Be able to put together all acquired skills while working in an apprenticeship/internship with industry partners/designers/mentors to create both experimental and commercial creative products.
  • Gain short term industry experience before final year through various exposure programmes.

Year-3 (NSQF Level-7)

  • Be able to design apparel and textiles with an understanding of end customer needs, market analysis and aspirations and the ability to understand and work in a value chain of production.
  • The students will build the professional, communication and business skills they will need for successful employment, starting up their enterprise or medium-scale manufacturing enterprise as a designer, production co-ordinator, or merchandiser in today’s global fashion industry.