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About Us

…but for me the artist simply means one who can transform ordinary life
into a beautiful creation with his craft.
But I did not mean creation strictly applied only to the Arts; I meant creation in life,
the creation of a child, a garden, a house, a dress. I was referring to creativity in all its aspects.
Not only the actual products of art, but the faculty for healing, consoling,
raising the level of life, transforming it by our own efforts.
I was talking about the creative will."

- Anais Nin

Picture Credits: Srishti Institute, Ajith Samuel

Our Promise

“Creative Competence – Ahead of the Curve”

With over two decades of building vibrant and resilient communities of practice, Srishti has developed a distinctive multi-dimensional approach to capability development and is committed to building creative competencies ahead of the curve.

The Creative Moment

The recognition that we live in a world that is becoming increasingly connected, networked and interdependent, and thereby more complex by the day, has significant implications for how we intervene in order to produce better outcomes for all, today, and enduringly and sustainably into the future.

There is now a greater recognition of the need to change our methods and that they need to be inclusive, collaborative and transformational. Together, these capabilities will make a creative impact on a broader range of societal transformation opportunities in a systemic, multi-disciplinary fashion, driven by sustainable human-centric values and fully leveraging the inter-disciplinary potential of art, design and technology in innovative ways, ultimately empowering society to realize better futures.

Collectively and individually, from entry-level practitioners to working professionals and advanced practitioners, we are engaged in creative impact making. This image of a world where creative impact making is widely practiced envisions a creative individual practitioner who thrives in such an environment as a proactive change and impact maker, having a transferable portfolio of capabilities that can enable effective performance in the wide range of circumstances that are inevitable – in essence, an individual ahead of the curve.

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Srishti Manipal's mission is to creatively impact ecosystems and build new ecosystems that produce creative competencies ahead of the curve.

Towards this mission, the institution entrusts itself with the role of producing capabilities through its professional, vocational and research programs.

This mission entails a deep understanding of the complex nature of the connected worlds that we inhabit and includes:

  • Creating better futures for all
  • Enabling pervasive creative competence with the confidence to tackle serious and meaningful challenges
  • Empowering people to drive transformational outcomes
  • Opening new vistas – sensing, solving and shaping transformational opportunities
  • Focusing on outcomes rooted in India/emerging worlds
  • Fostering and nurturing vibrant autonomous ecosystems through open co-creating platforms


We believe that better tomorrows can be created for all members of society through the practices of creative impact making.

The guiding values informing all aspects of our work are:

  • To nurture a strong belief in social justice and equity
  • To realize open, inclusive, empowered, democratic societies
  • To challenge assumptions, uncover hidden opportunities, push boundaries and develop a proactive activist mindset
  • To act in an environmentally responsible and sustainable manner
  • To recognize contemporary challenges and remain contextually relevant (to India and the global south)
  • To anticipate emerging needs and opportunities and be future-informed
  • To be critical, optimistic and positive
  • To develop an expanded consciousness and holistic development of the person

Dimensions of Excellence

Srishti Manipal's promise to create competencies ahead of the curve is realized through seven core dimensions of practice. Each of these dimensions has associated with it unique worldviews and beliefs, that lead to practice concepts which distinguish Srishti Manipal among other higher education institutions in this field:

  1. To deeply understand creative impact making through actual practice
  2. To make constant efforts to generate new knowledge on how to produce capabilities and student learning
  3. To develop cutting-edge pedagogical approaches that are appropriate to the needs of creative professions
  4. To develop innovative products and services that not only cater to current needs but also are designed to anticipate the future
  5. To deliver outstanding and innovative learning experiences throughout the student’s program
  6. To focus on wellness and wellbeing and growing the inner self through an ethic of care
  7. To be operationally excellent through innovative best practices and quality standards

Unique to Srishti Manipal, these core dimensions of excellence contribute to our ability to deliver the promise of building creative competencies that are ahead of the curve.

Programs & Pedagogy

Our academic programs reflect the breadth of our vision. We are committed to catering to the whole spectrum and ecosystem of capabilities. Our programs offer opportunities to make creative impact at different levels of practice through capabilities developed in the areas of law, environment and policy, media art and sciences, education and development, and business and the humanities.

The process of creative impact making is interdisciplinary and draws upon the disciplines of art, design and technology synthetically. Conventional perspectives to sense making, problem-framing and envisioning are complemented by new methods and approaches that are informed through the intersections of art, design and technology.

Srishti Manipal's formative matrix of highly skilled art & design professionals, educators, scholars, researchers and a vibrant and engaged student body is deeply networked with local, regional and global communities. Dynamic exchanges with various networks ensure that the pedagogies offered through our programs are constantly renewed by our connections with these networks. We actively support and encourage the development of networks across a range of disciplines and that forge relationships, augmenting the impact made through our academic programs.