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Srishti Manipal makes a promise of “Creative Competence - Ahead of the Curve”

From outside our environment the driving forces of change- be it for our curriculum, our pedagogy or ways of learning or in terms of defining competences come from the edge; the edge is where new knowledge and new areas of focus emerge in the complex, every changing world we live in! These bubbles of new ideas, new ways of engaging with our aspiring practitioners to be help us create a dynamic ecosystem of learning. As the aspirants move and navigate their own personal journeys within Srishti Manipal they emerge into the external world again as independent, thoughtful, artistic and caring members of the community, sure of themselves and of their positions as creative practitioners.

Upstream is the source of our ideas and is located in the everyday, the universal, the enduring and the timeless.

Downstream is the confluence of the individual with the universe, of the practitioner with the world outside of practice and of the freedom to be.

Experience tells us that, each aspirant comes with hopes and fears and we work with each one on an individual scale enabling the painful process of “letting go” in order to let new practice, newer or more refined or nuanced ideas emerge- “letting come”

The whole is always greater than the sum of its parts.

The illustration below shows how we do this.

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The Srishti Manipal Learning Ecosystem comprises of two interlinked parts

1. Fields of Practice represents the nature of the knowledge and its practical manifestation. Each Field of Practice defines clearly ways of learning as research or inquiry; experimental or intuitive; hands-on and skill based. Our Fields of Practice include:

  1. Advanced Studies and Research
  2. Continuing Professional Practice
  3. Skill-based Vocational Education
  4. New Learner Pedagogies and Processes

2. Interdisciplinary and Transdisciplinary Studies rooted primarily in practice. Clustered in groups of three domains of knowledge and practice this helps create competences in Professional Practice that are indeed “ahead of the curve”

Both the Fields of Practice and the Interdisciplinary Practice and Studies located within them provide each aspiring practitioner to move through the Srishti Manipal Learning Ecosystem supported by a wide range of practitioners who come from wide range of professional and academic backgrounds

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The result of our ecosystem manifests itself in a rich interdisciplinary world of programs and courses, each one of which translate our promise into memorable and meaningful learning experiences. The diagram below reflects the breadth and scope of this and illustrates both its scope and its inter-connectedness.

Program Flow with Entry and Exit Points

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(Click on the image for an enlarged view)

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