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The Srishti Manipal Community

The Srishti Manipal community consists of a diverse set of artists, designers, practitioners and educators from around the world, many of whom are acknowledged leaders in their respective fields.

Our faculty is experienced in industry, highly regarded by academia and many of them are practicing professionals. In order to meet the growing needs of our students and contemporary and dynamic curriculum, we invite professionals with specific expertise from overseas. At any point in time, Srishti invites and hosts experts and professionals as visitors, artists-in-residence and teaching faculty. This gives them an opportunity to get a better picture of our current activities and educational programs.

Srishti Manipal encourages its faculty to participate in many learning opportunities such as exchange programs, conferences and exhibitions. Constant interaction with real life industry based projects help better understanding of the dynamics of the market as well as keeps them in tab with the changing requirements of the students.

Revisiting: A retreat of Deans with Dr. Arindham Das and Prof. Neelkanth H. Chhaya.