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“Space is the breath of art” - Frank Lloyd Wright

“To create one must first question everything” - Eileen Gray

The three-dimensional built world is the expression of a myriad of purposes. Being a designer in this world in this world involves exploring and uncovering the diverse purposes that continue to evolve around us.

Studies of space and human-spatial relationships reveal a dynamic and synergistic interconnectedness. While we know how we occupy spaces, we are less aware of how spaces influence our identity, productivity and wellness. This knowledge is critical in the modern world where we spend most of our lives in built spaces. An interior/spatial designer is one who creates intentional spatial interactions that have a significant positive impact on human beings wherever they may be, at work, at home or at play. Many of our built spaces still exclude people with different needs. Designers must consciously consider the diverse needs and abilities of users in order to be truly inclusive.

There are two areas of interest that can be pursued under Spatial Design

1. Interiors
2. Scenography