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Policy Studies & Environmental Law

Are environment laws and policies in place to restrict or protect us? Most of us consider these laws and policies as tools to repress us, rather than help us preserve the environment around us. In a world where the population is growing rapidly and resources dwindling simultaneously, understanding laws and policies that govern our environment is an inescapable necessity for all. Policy studies equip us with the knowledge to explore alternate and sustainable solutions, which can protect the environment from further degradation. It also gives a platform for debate and a framework for reforming the existing policies. This two-pronged approach of reforming and creating will help us in developing a sustainable solution to protect our environment.

The current policies on environment are suitably coupled with statutory mandates that govern our interaction with the environment and this falls within the ambit of the larger discipline of Environmental law. Knowledge of both these disciplines give us the tools required to understand the legal, social and economic intent and impact of our actions on the environment. Assimilate the knowledge required to undertake a better cost-benefit analysis.
Instill the concepts of precautionary principle and sustainable development. Understand our legal and ethical responsibilities to regulate, conserve and optimally use our environment.