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Contemporary Textile Practices

"What use is high technology if we don’t know the soul of the craft.” - Junichi Arai, Japanese Textile artist and designer, founder Nuno Corporation

Experimenting with texture and material

Contemporary Textile practices

Textiles have existed since the beginning of human time for function and aesthetic purposes. This program offers the practitioner an experimental platform to explore and establish a dialogue between multiple media, materiality and develop conceptual rigor. The program is open to a creative practitioner to embrace all media, techniques, new technology, smart materials, 3-D form, sculpture, fiber arts and many more. This will enable you to analyze and study archive textiles and creatively develop visual ideas for contemporary textiles in response to imagery, pattern, composition, structure and surface.

This program is aimed at developing activities of particular interest in greater breadth and depth, both visually and technically. The program is aimed at developing individuality in one’s approach to processing visual ideas into design or artwork. The students are encouraged to create a large bank of samples and finally translate them into project pieces through the use of appropriate textile techniques and creative thinking tools.

World of materials are ever changing, use of Organic materials other media has given new dimensions to the field of Contemporary Textile art practices. New materials and new technologies (as well as old) are used to create textiles that can be interactive and responsive. Textiles are being woven with computer driven methods as well as with wood, fungi, bamboo, LED light tubing and recycled plastic.  Computer chips incorporated into textiles help create interactive and high performance textiles, which have developed as smart textiles (fashion and Interiors)


Experimenting with texture and material
Kalpa Vriksha: Installation of woven sculpture with fabric information panels
By Pallavi Padukone
Project: Tales of the Malabar, revisiting the culture and heritage of Mappilla community from Malabar

Ready made by Aarushi Surana
Project: Tales of the Malabar, revisiting the culture and heritage of Mappilla community from Malabar

Braile Mat by Sravya B, The braille mat helps the learner read and identify the braille language alphabets.
Project: Beyond Sight

“Free school street book store, Kolkata”
By Aparupa Ghosh, final diploma project

E-waste quilt by Shweta Dash
Project: Encoded textures

Anyone can weave: by Aarushi Surana

Le(a)d: by Shruti Anand, Sharanya Soundararajan and Ritika Srikumar
Project: I Sing the Body Electric