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Information Arts and Information Design Practices - PGDP Bridge

“Information is a source of learning. But unless it is organized, processed, and available to the right people in a format for decision making, it is a burden, not a benefit.” - William Pollard

Art work by Shaurya Dagar. Exploring the changing role of puppetry and asking key questions for its revival in the digital age.


Today art and design leadership is critical around the world to create action around issues that are social, cultural, political and environmental. From poverty, inequality, gender issues to climate change, artists and designers hold a powerful tool, their ability to tell stories through varied media to change the course of life around them, to create meaningful action, to enable change, to empower people, to be the voice for those who have none.

The Information Arts and Information Design Practices (IAIDP) program looks at information in all its varied forms. It looks at the processes by which information is gathered and gleaned and it pays great attention to understanding who this information is intended for. It lays great emphasis on developing, through a design or artistic process, the appropriate media for the dissemination and delivery of this information.

At IAIDP, we nurture reflective practitioners who enquire into; and interpret the world through storytelling. Using tools that record change; be it memories, cultures, personal narratives or vast amounts of data, students are encouraged to explore newer and imaginative ways to construct and craft knowledge, tell stories and responsibly create communication.

Students try rowing and balancing the coracle as the Cauvery River flows through Galibore, interacting with and learning from staff and local community. PC: Srivi Kalyan

While the design of communication is what we do at IAIDP, what remains at the crux of our work is social and environmental design with a key focus on reflective self-inquiry. The program aspires to make work that creates and generates momentum for social change in some way. Students through the course of their study explore diverse media ranging from drawing, painting, photography, film, creative writing, graphic design, multimodal design, storytelling, computer graphics, interaction design and other art and design practices.

There is close attention paid to research, art and design processes and methods and ethical ways of working closely with communities while collaborating with them.

Today, social design is integral to both public and private sectors. MNC’s. Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives as well as NGOs are starting intriguing and diverse project spaces that span contexts across the world. This course invites young people who are seeking to make a difference in the world with their work.

The one-year Postgraduate Diploma Program inInformation arts and Information Design Practices at the Srishti Manipal Institute of Art, Design and Technology introduces the field to aspiring practitioners who have not previously studied communication design, visual art or other art forms or are looking for a finishing year to fine tune their work.

After completion, graduates of the program will be able to pursue advanced postgraduate degrees in Information Arts and Information Design Practices, Earth Education and Communication or related fields.

Learning Approaches

The Bridge program has been crafted for students to develop their creative skills at a foundational level.

  • The program encourages the understanding of art and design practice through sensitive self-inquiry and sadhana.
  • The process helps students reflect on themselves and their relationship with the world, unfolding the heart in their practice
  • Acquire proficiency in using tools of thinkingvisualisation, inquiry and research.

Students explore diverse media to find ways to traverse through a transformative journey of self-discovery and personal growth. Faculty and Photo Credits: Shubham Shrivastava

Capability Sets

  • To play, explore and experiment with ideas, material, media, forms and techniques and language to create
  • To take initiative and build skill through repetition, reflection, and iteration.
  • To leverage creative process of sketching, modelling, wire framing etc. as a way of expression, representation or problem solving
  • To explore, experiment and reflect with art and design tools to engage with people and place and gather, organize, seek patterns in data and information 
  • To use multiple lenses to extract, interpret and engage with cultural, historical and socio-economic information, contexts and theories
  • To take critical feedback for reflection and action
  • To experiment, choose context-sensitive media and create meaningful work 
  • To emerge self-identity through ethical dilemmas, limitations and challenges
  • To strategically intervene and innovate towards change communication
  • To emerge practice with reflections on interdependence and symbiosis

Olivia and Shaurya begin to understand how unravelling and understanding information in nature is a never-ending experience. PC. Dr. Dyutiman Mukhopadhyay


To undertake an advanced degree program in Information Arts and Information Design Practices, Earth Education and Communication or related fields

To develop once own art and design practice with a focus on information communication, communities and environment in integrated holistic approaches.

Employment in art and design studios, research and development organizations, NGOs & social enterprises



Disciplinary Intersections

The program in Earth Education is informed by the following learning disciplines:

Critical Geography
Ecology and Environment
Environmental graphics
Experimental Media Arts
Information Technology
Language Arts
Mathematics and Physical Sciences
Policy Studies and Environmental law
Sustainable Studies
Systems Design
Textile Arts
Urban Studies and Design
Visual Communication Design

Research and Collaboration

The program is closely linked with a wide range research and practice spaces:


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