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1 year Project Based Learning

An incubation space for aspiring creative professionals

LEARNING from real world contexts.

The undergraduate program culminates in a final year of project based learning where there is a synthesis and consolidation of skills, positions and perspectives. Projects are multi and inter-disciplinary incubation spaces, located in a live context. They prepare young designers and artists for a professional practice in ever evolving circumstances.


The first project, in the penultimate semester, involves the application and synthesis of capabilities acquired within the framework of a particular discipline. Projects are organized around clusters or themes, pursuing lines of enquiry that provide for contextual and collaborative practice.

The project follows a process of discovering, defining and delivering.


In the final semester, the undergraduate program culminates in an inter-disciplinary final thesis project. The thesis allows for demonstration of an integration of values, positions, capabilities and practice. There is opportunity and freedom to navigate and explore mediums and disciplines, discovering and building on their respective strengths. The final year projects offer diverse opportunities to build a body of work around a personal and professional calling. The aim is to ignite an aspiration to become creative thinkers and practitioners that impact the present and the future.

DISCOVERING place, people and environments.

EXPERIMENTING with materials and mediums.

CREATING stories and building narratives.

PROTOTYPING and user testing.

VISUALISING to give form and expression to concepts and ideas.