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Gururaja K.V.

Area of Practice



Masters in Environmental Science, Kuvempu University, Karnataka

PhD, Effect of habitat fragmentation on distribution and ecology of anurans in some parts of central Western Ghats,Kuvempu University, Karnataka

Postdoctoral researcher, Center for Ecological Sciences, IISc, Bengaluru

Work Experience

  • Chief Scientist, Gubbi Labs LLP -  environmental impact assessments, teaching statistics, remote sensing and GIS, agent based modelling and research methods in ecology
  • Research Scientist - Center for infrastructure, Sustainable Transportation and Urban Planning (CiSTUP), IISc - bus stops in Bengaluru, impact assessments of railways, sea ports and infrastructure projects
  • Postdoc - Center for Ecological Sciences (CES), IISc - impact of land use and land cover changes on river basins; ecological modelling of Himalayan river basins and impact assessments of river development project
  • Described three novel breeding behavior and 21 new species of anurans, 2 new species of fish, published first pictorial guide to frogs and toads of the Western Ghats
  • Developed ‘Frog Find”, a first ever android app for identifying frogs and toads

Interest Areas

amphibian ecology; encompassing the fields of systematics; bioacoustics; behavioral and landscape ecology; ecological complexity; biostatistics; remote sensing and gis applications; ecological niche modelling; citizen science initiatives and environmental impact assessments 

Current Practice at Srishti

Form and structure – soundscape ecology, Environmental exposure for Foundation, Complexity and living systems, Complexity and interdependence, Growth and Development, Rehearsing the future for Masters students

Creative Practice and Outreach

  • Citizen Science initiatives – frog walk at Bisile, Agumbe, Bannerghatta; Bird watching at Jakkur Lake; basics of GIS at Guwahati
  • Bioacoustics and conservation at Students Conference on Conservation Science, IISc, Bangalore

Projects showcase:

Rehearsing the future

Rehearsing the future
Student immersions


Rehearsing the future
Student immersions


Form and Structure: Soundscape Ecology

Form and Structure: Soundscape Ecology
Student outcomes


Field visits at Mannapaapu Mane and Jakkur Lake

Field visits at Mannapaapu Mane and Jakkur Lake
Illustrations at Mannapaapu Mane


Field visits at Mannapaapu Mane and Jakkur Lake
Field work at Jakkur lake