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Upstart Impact Report: Investing for an Inclusive Creative Economy

The creative economy is defined as a set of art, culture, design and innovation industries, and the
economic contribution of those industries within a geographic region. A unique set of industries
comprises each local creative economy, reflecting the culture, traditions and heritage of that place.The creative economy is among the most rapidly growing sectors in the world.

It’s time for India’s creative workers to go global

More than a century of manufacturing growth has been led by a move towards centralized mass production and increasing mechanization. This has delivered efficiency and consistency, but often at the cost of meaningful work, fair wages for laborers and large externalities such as poor environmental impacts...

Creative manufacturing in India

The digital world has the potential to re-energise the craft industry, giving scale and profile to individual artisans whose markets were previously limited to their immediate neighbourhood and allowing people with limited literacy skills to communicate using voice and image.
Written by Jacob Mathew, Chief Operating Officer for Industree Foundation. Published on

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