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Vasanthi Mariadass

Area of Practice

Critical Theorist and Philosopher, Film Studies, Visual Studies, Environment and Contemporary Art, Phenomenology


Ph.D.  in Film/Visual Arts and Literary Theory, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Indiana, USA                                               

Work Experience

  • Taught for 6 years in:
  1. Gallatin School in New York University
  2. New School of Social Research
  3. Hunter college in City University of New York
  4. Fordham University
  5. Indiana University of Pennsylvania
  • Grant from CIDA: Sustainable Energy 2001-2004
  • Over 3 years of teaching and coordinating the MA Program, St Joseph’s College, Bangalore  

Interest Areas

poststructuralism; postmodernism; film theory; visual essay; experimental films and art; postcolonial studies;

gaiagraphy; films by Harun Farocki and Werner Herzog; archival practice; sound art; ocean geography; deterritorialization; critique on vertical movements; perfections and precisions; environment and contemporary art; critical zone: the earth below our feet; gaia – between mythology and cybernetics; de/globalize: art science

Current Practice at Srishti

Visual studies, Critical theory, Environment and contemporary art, Film studies, Photography, Poststructuralism, Postmodernism, Film theory, Visual essay, Experimental films and art, Postcolonial studies, Gaiagraphy, Moderism and postmodernism, Phenomenology and architecture

Creative Practice  and Outreach

  • Participated in a research group Gaia – between Mythology and Cybernetics at Freiburg University, Germany
  • Project: De/Globalize: Art Science Project at Offenburg University, Germany and IISc, Bangalore

Projects showcase:

Nature: Film and Photography

Concerning Environment: Film and Photography

Nature: Film and Photography  Concerning Environment: Film and Photography
Art Science Project by Masters students Pratyush, Priya and Shashank