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Lawyer and Founder of Maker’s Legal, Pankhuri Upadhyay, will be taking us through the essentials of intellectual property and copyright for creatives as well as key concepts in contracts for employment, freelancers/commissions and licensing. The session will shed light on necessary legal processes at each stage of our evolving career in the creative industry.

Maker's Legal is an innovative research and strategy driven law firm based in Mumbai, offering bespoke legal and strategic counsel across all cross-sections of intellectual property, media & entertainment, technology, real estate, private equity and general corporate advisory.

VocTok is a crisp, 45 minute, live session where we invite industry leaders from a diverse range of creative industries to join us in conversation. This is to encourage listeners to be aware and informed about the ever-changing dynamics of the real world industrial context. We envisage this series of webinars to spark and dynamise the Industry-Institution synergy that is at the cornerstone of the Undergraduate Skill Based Vocational Program that we run at the Srishti Manipal Institute of Art, Design and Technology in Bangalore.

When: Saturday 11 December 5 p.m
Where: Online