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Admissions: 5 (2+3) Year Integrated Doctoral Program

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Integrated Doctoral Program


Srishti Manipal Institute of Art, Design and Technology, offers a 5 (2+3) year Integrated Doctoral Program in the specialised field of Transition Design

The objective of the Integrated Doctoral Program is to create thoughtful, imaginative, possibly speculative, local and sustainable ways of seeing, understanding our built landscapes (such as urban inner city neighborhoods) or our natural historical and cultural landscapes such as the mountainous regions of Himalayas or the wet, hills and forests of the Western Ghats.

Guided by experienced mentors the aspiring practitioners will choose and work in one fragile ecosystem to build through systematic study, participative and inclusive design methods and independent study, their doctoral proposal.

In a world suffering from large scale impact of climate change,  exploitative and extractive industrial development and flight of capital from rural landscapes and regions into crowded urban metropolis’s these scholars will begin to articulate policy frameworks, agendas for action that re-direct, rejuvenate and revive our cities and our hillsides in ways that heal the planet and bring value to diverse living populations.


Courses Offered

Integrated Doctoral (Reimagining Transitions)

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Eligibility for Admission

Applicants should have successfully completed any ONE of the following:

  • Three year degree
  • Three year degree, along with a Post Graduate Diploma
  • Four year degree
  • Five years undergraduate or Integrated Masters Degree
  • Masters Degree

Please note that all awarding bodies for the above must be recognized by statutory or regulatory bodies.

Attach two copies of relevant certificates.


Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

Admission Process

An applicant must successfully complete the Postgraduate Program admissions process as outlined in the SMEAT protocol.

Selection Protocols 2023 - Integrated Doctoral Program

Fee Schedule for 2023-24


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