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Student Experience - Undergraduate Technical Program

Daily musings………………

7.00 am - “The alarm rings slicing my dream into two – reality dawns – oh it’s a big day we will be presenting the last week’s explorations, I have an hour and a half to get to college.”

Unlike most colleges which have a hostel - the paying guest accommodation at Srishti Manipal gives students the freedom to create individualized homes that break the traditional notion of regimented student housing. Art and Design calls for unearthly hours, creativity does not manifest itself in metronomic precision, the process rather reveals itself in unpredictable leaps and bounds, then suddenly the next moment is a lull – a blank wall stares me in the face, nothing works but then suddenly a light fills me up and I am back in movement – gay abandon.

7.30 am “The next hour is a frenzy – getting ready and simultaneously coordinating with my group to double check what each one is responsible to bring for the presentation – “Hey Hi Aryan!! Just reminding you – please bring those sensors and connectors that we had picked up in S.P Road last week.”

8.00 am – “My two roommates and me take a quick hop across the street to the central dining area for some hot idlis.

A quick call to our regular auto driver Rajanna who’s there in a jiffy and off we go – our daily auto pool works out more affordable to get to college. It is summer and the gulmohars are in full bloom - the swaying leaves of the huge trees create dancing chiaroscuro patterns on the red speckled road.

It’s 8.30 am – classes start at 9 – attendance and being on time are important life skills that are needed in any work space and the program instills these values from day one.

8.45 am “A quick huddle to put together all the bits and pieces that each of my group have worked on late into the previous night – this mode of learning is integral to the technical program – I am beginning to comprehend that collaboration is at the centre of the design process and learning to work together to realize an idea is an essential skill in today’s workspace.

9.00 am – Different classes taken on distinctive forms - from quick fiery paced Hackathons and Bootcamps to meditative sessions where repetition and perseverance requires learners to stay on a given task to develop mastery or Fab. Ateliers that builds on the values of thinking, modelling and making to challenging design contexts drawn from indigenous knowledge or tools from digital technology.

The program has a pointed focus to making and lays emphasis on creating high levels of skill competencies that are required for various job roles in the particular industry sector to which a course aligns.

4.00 pm – “The presentation went off well – I think our group excelled, got some important feedback from both our facilitator and peers. This system of sharing creates a rich network for me to expand my learning.

5.00 pm – “Am on the bus now to the Padukone Sports Academy to play a game of football – this too is part of our curriculum. I chose football but there are a variety of choices you can opt for - from other sports such as badminton, basketball or squash to yoga, music, French or theatre.”

The General Education component provides a larger context within which the disciplinary core is positioned. This component uses a practice-based approach to equip learners with communication skills and imparts relevant heuristic knowledge that complements the practical skill learning program. It also keeps in mind the learner’s holistic development, health and wellbeing.

Another unique feature of this program is that it is rooted in a “Work Based Learning” model where a significant part of the curriculum is located in the real world of industry. As such, in addition to the knowledge, understanding and skills gained in the institute, students also engage in real life industrial scenarios through industry-academy linkages.

“Our visit to the sets of “Panipat” was quite eye opening. From working on student projects to suddenly witnessing a large-scale production movie set was overwhelming. Seeing the inner workings and all that goes into making something of this calibre was a privilege to watch. We closely watched the cinematographer, the director, and all the people who are involved in it. From make-up artists, to light people everybody knew what they were doing and had a specific role. The whole set was chaotic in a way, maybe to an outsider but there was immense understanding and discipline in that chaos.” – Industry Exposure: Neha Nair

The larger structure……..

For students, the three-year Technical Program at Srishti Manipal is a roller coaster ride since the student is constantly immersed into different learning environments. Projects that punctuate the first three semesters enables the synthesis of specific performance criteria in their application to real-world challenges. Or the four-week Seminar at the beginning of each even semester where learners explore a curated - theme, technology, method or innovation through guided interaction with industry experts, professionals or students themselves. The Round table at the beginning of the third year brings in experts from the industry as keynote speakers, in addition to students who have come in fresh from industry apprenticeship, to collaboratively reflect on how the industry and institution produce vocation specific learning.  And then the Mentor Lab where a real-world task is taken up in the academy. It is co-created with industry professionals and facilitated by the internal faculty. Finally, each student will do a Capstone Project which is a compulsory industry-based project situated in a real-world production pipeline focusing on developing industry standard solutions. Students will apply their skills and learning in research, design process, ideation, prototyping, making and testing.

“For the faculty, students are hidden springs to be discovered.
Springs that start small, but soon become mighty, roaring rivers
that can irrigate parched lands and create new civilizations in thier wake.
We wish you all the very best and hope your journey is filled with interesting
twists and turns and winding roads that take you to places unknown.
All the very best from all of us, Godspeed” – A faculty farewell message