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School of Foundation and Preparatory Studies (SFPS)

"The ego falls away. Time flies. Every action, movement, and thought follows inevitably from the previous one, like playing jazz. Your whole being is involved, and you’re using your skills to the utmost" - Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, Flow

Students of one of the contextual enquiry unit visiting Allalsandra Lake, Bangalore.


The School of Foundation and Preparatory Studies (SFPS) initiates the individual’s future learning in the Undergraduate Professional Program, and enable students from various undergraduate discipline to pursue Postgraduate studies program at Srishti. Here, the students begin to understand the connection between art & design practice and social, economical, cultural and political thinking. The School inculcates essential life skills that become the foundation of the students’ creative practice irrespective of the medium they choose to work with.

The School nurtures the core values of creative practice that are:
Concept (Idea and Ideology)
Craft (Aesthetics and Making)
Community (Social Relevance and Looking Outword)

The School was created to build creative and cognitive capabilities, dispositions and hybrid, non-linear literacies in the students. For several years, the school has been successfully practicing ‘Unlearning’, having woven it seamlessly into the fabric of its pedagogy. ‘Unlearning’ is the reconstitution of what one has already learned, building a critical and creative disposition that is able to imagine and express, make and build, see, seek, think and wonder. Learning at the School of Foundation and Preparatory Studies is contextual, and an emphasis is placed on the community as much as it is on the individual.

SFPS gives primacy to context and emphasizes on contextual learning as opposed to isolated skill building. SFPS situates the following set of values into its curriculum:
Active – Learning by engaging with ideas and getting involved with the communities in that particular context, thereby placing body over mind.
Experiential – Learning by making, exploring and experiencing materials, forms and patterns.
Reflective – Learning through critical thinking and unlearning practices across the timeline of study.

Schools and Disciplines

Foundation Studies:

At the level of Foundation Studies, learners not bound by disciplines: The practice of learning is designed to explore beyond the disciplinary boundaries.

The Foundation Studies, is for those individuals who come after twelfth standard education, and acts as a platform for the UG professional program at Srishti. The learning experiences are designed for students in such a way that a student from any curriculum ( CBSE, IGCSE, ICSE, NIOS and State School Boards) acclimatize and explore different ways of learning.

Preparatory Studies:

The Post Graduate Diploma Program under the Preparatory Studies wades into several disciplines so as to inform and bridge learning with practice. Further, the disciplines are chosen and practiced in accord with the three programs that PGDP offers:
Bridge: creates a foundation towards a focused Master of Design, Master of Fine Arts or Master of Planning in the chosen area of interest.
Finish: extends and builds upon prior learning in specific focus areas of art and design as listed.
Apprenticeship: provides for practice based or work based learning under mentorship from expert practitioners.

The Postgraduate Diploma Programs (PGDP) has been crafted for those individuals who join us with an undergraduate degree and sense a need to develop their art and design skills. The PGDP allows the individual to choose among three programs and multiple courses, each of which have been designed to align to different levels of learning.

Courses Offered

Postgraduate Diploma – Bridge

Postgraduate Diploma – Finish

Art Practice


Design Practice


New Humanities and Design


Postgraduate Diploma – Apprenticeship

More information on these programs can be found on the Postgraduate Diploma Program – PGDP section of this website.

The Foundation Studies Program does not offer any awards; however, the students who successfully finish the foundation studies program go on to continue the Undergraduate Professional Program.


For more information on Foundation Studies, contact Ramesh Kalkur at

For more information on Preparatory Studies, contact Swati Maskeri at