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School of Continuing, Open and Professional Education (SCOPE)

"The purpose of learning is growth, and our minds, unlike our bodies, can continue growing as we continue to live." - Adler J. Mortimer


Srishti Manipal's School of Continuing, Open and Professional Education is committed to the advancement of lifelong learning and to the provision of open access to high quality educational resources.

We offer opportunities that enable a re-engagement with learning in multiple ways.

We create learning opportunities for practitioners and to develop and extend their practice towards their personal and professional growth, paced to keep up with the demands the world of practice. We also offer opportunities for high-school and pre-university students to explore creative pathways in art and design.

Our programs are designed to provide learning that is flexible, diverse and available at different times across geographical boundaries.

Short Term Courses

NSQF Skill-based Units

NSQF Skill-based units are offered at Level 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

Certificate Courses


  • Design thinking
  • Leadership

  • Winter School

    Winter School is offered by the Center for Public History (CPH)

    Summer School

    A range of courses for high school, pre-university and college students are offered. Learners get the opportunity to explore their aptitude for creative careers of the future and understand Srishti’s wide palette of courses available for undergraduate and postgraduate study. Learners get to interact and engage with college faculty and professionals, test their aptitude and explore creative career pathways.

  • Portfolio Building for College Admissions
  • Building Capabilities through Art and Design

  • After School Programs

    The Learning Mela is Srishti Manipal's after school program, where Srishti Manipal students are exposed to to the working with young learners from various backgrounds. This has varied from neighborhood children walking in on a Saturday afternoon to children from government schools / schools run by NGOs. Sessions are aimed at being hands-on, and use art and design in learning STEM. The ‘learning experiences’ that students organise include activities on various topics like symmetry, shapes, movement and mechanics. More recently children have been introduced to coding and technology in these sessions.

    Learning Approaches

    Our learning approaches include:

    • Direct learning through contact programs and summer school, bootcamps, studios, workshops or conferences
    • Mediated learning through tutorials,& apprenticeships
    • Mentored learning via e-groups, webinars, critiques and discussion forums
    • Action research through field studies
    • Culminating performances through design charettes, written assignments, portfolios of practice
    • Personal mastery & reflective practice sessions
    • Executive coaching


    For enquiries about this school, please contact Geetanjali Sachdev

    Research and Collaboration

    The school intersects with the following centers, labs and projects: