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Digital Filmmaking: Pathway - Cinematography

“We are writing stories with light and darkness, motion and colours. It is a language with its own vocabulary and unlimited possibilities for expressing our inner thoughts and feelings.” - Vittorio Storaro


Camera Basics – Exercise (Viraj Shukla)



This pathway is envisioned to create technically competent cinematographers, who are reflective and critical about their practice. The course lays a strong emphasis on hands-on practice in a variety of digital formats, contextualized by understanding visual culture. Learners are enabled to design and light a visual framework for a particular project. This pathway is constructed around understanding cinematographic practice and workflow in the new environment of digital image making.


What you will learn

In year 1 you will develop a holistic understanding of the larger filmic production process and be able to appreciate the different elements that constitute a filmic work. You will learn to apply various technical and creative elements of film practice at an introductory level across the domains of screenplay writing, direction, cinematography, sound, editing, and production.

In year 2 you will learn to choose appropriate cinematographic tools and techniques to visually treat a given scenario and understand the relationship between light, lens, space, actor and camera movement. You will learn to identify and demonstrate the key elements of different lighting schemes and be able to colour correct to accentuate and enhance a story.

In year 3 you will consolidate your understanding of key cinematographic tools and techniques such as choice of equipment, lensing, lighting and camera movement to visualize a job by working in real world projects. You will also learn to work independently on a range of media projects.


Harike (The Sacrifice) – Vinay Godgeri



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