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Creative Coding: Pathway - Coding for Media

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is equivalent to magic.” - Arthur C. Clarke

Apps and pendulums


This pathway - Coding for Media will lean towards

  • Programming for Media and Graphics – understanding that media of all forms is data and that these can be manipulated algorithmically; and applications of this in both VFX and Game Development
  • Installation Art – using physical computing design and make things that interact and communicate
  • Data Visualization – dynamic ways of acquiring and visualizing data, which can be applied in various settings ranging from education to advertising

This program is flexible, accommodating students from a variety of backgrounds (in terms of prior experience) and providing training that is relevant to a spectrum of employment and higher education opportunities, while simultaneously developing specific capabilities according to the occupational standards that have been articulated by the Sector Skills Councils (both NASSCOM in India as well as the Sector Skills Councils of the UK and Australia).

What you will learn

In the first year , you will learn the basics of programming including the use of classes and databases. You will need to learn to use multiple programming languages in order to be able to work in a variety of contexts. A familiarity with viewing various kinds of media as data will be something you will gain. You will learn the some of the mathematical ideas that come up in programming and creative coding. You will begin to build a portfolio using tools such as GitHub.

In the second year, you will learn the ideas behind graphic programming, both in 2d and 3d. You would have begun to learn the basics of building multi-modal interactions, using devices such as the Leap-motion or Kinect. You will learn to write scripts to create applications or extend existing ones. You will also gain some familiarity with physical computing, using basic sensors and actuators.

In the final year of the program, you will specialize in an area of creative coding. You will work on a capstone project, taking an idea from the blackboard to product, while being mentored by people in the IT industry.


For more information about this program, kindly email Gautham Dayal at