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Creative Coding: Pathway - App Programming and Physical Computing

“We shape our tools and afterwards our tools shape us.” . - Marshall McLuhan

Generating patterns from physical equations


This pathway - App Programming and Physical Computing will focus on:

  • App development: Develop web and mobile apps in a variety of situations and build appropriate features (such as content management, e-commerce, media viewing etc.) depending on requirements. This would involve both client and server side work.
  • Physical computing: Involves working with and programming microprocessors (combined with appropriate sensors / actuators) to design and make objects. Networking such objects so that they are able to ‘talk’ to each other is an emerging field, and the ubiquity of these seems certain in the near future. Such objects could be used to do specialized jobs like data-logging or automation, or to build exhibits and installations.

An example of an area where applications of this sort are rapidly growing is in Education: In this area, graduates of this pathway can work in a number of roles such as

  • Building platforms for young people to interact and learn
  • Designing and planning activities which help learners to code and use technology
  • Evaluate and set-up infrastructure that works in an educational set-up (often where there are constraints on resources)

This program is flexible, accommodating students from a variety of backgrounds (in terms of prior experience) and providing training that is relevant to a spectrum of employment and higher education opportunities, while simultaneously developing specific capabilities according to the occupational standards that have been articulated by the Sector Skills Councils (both NASSCOM in India as well as the Sector Skills Councils of the UK and Australia).

What you will learn

In the first year , you will learn the basics of programming including the use of classes and databases. You will need to learn to use multiple programming languages in order to be able to work in a variety of contexts. You will be familiar with using open source tools to work on systems such as the Raspberry Pi. You will begin to build a portfolio using tools such as GitHub. Building web apps and coding for the web will be another focus area that you will learn

In the second year you will be exposed to microprocessors such as the Arduino, and will learn to build devices using sensors and actuators. You will also be exposed to the process of building apps, and dealing with location based data. You will be exposed to the mathematical principles behind building data visualization and manipulation. Applications of code to digital making using machines such as 3-d printers or plotting cutters will be something you will learn.

In the final year of the program, you will specialize in an area of creative coding. You will work on a capstone project, taking an idea from the blackboard to product, while being mentored by people in the IT industry.


For more information about this program, kindly email Gautham Dayal at