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Creative Manufacturing: Pathway - Products and Accessories

“....craft development needs a paradigm shift from promoting the ’karigar’, the traditional crafts person to ‘karigari’, quality of craftsmanship, since whoever imbibes this quality becomes the craftsperson in perpetuity - Aditi and M P Ranjan: Hand made in India

Experience of making and validation of product.


The Products and Accessories pathway prepares students to design products that customers will desire, whilst transforming the earning potential of artisans to the level they deserve as in any other industry sector. Value addition is brought by addressing the needs and aspirations of end users while creating compelling value propositions in the mix of materials, utility and aesthetics employed to create end products profitably.
The course traverses design and entrepreneurial thinking, craft traditions, lean design and manufacturing, culminating in the ability to work to straddle design, merchandising and production.
Students gain experience in designing products and product systems, their detailing, production processes and methods, and the ability to organize production flow in a micro, small or medium sized enterprise, and connect them to markets profitably.

What you will learn

Level 4 (Year-1 Semester-1) & Level 5 (Year-1 Semester-2)

  • Gain experience in designing simple products and its detailing, production processes and methods
  • Ability to organize production flow in a micro or small enterprise.

Level 6 (Year-2)

  • Be able to breakdown a product’s production processes into its component elements for line production
  • Be able to ideate and visualize, design a value proposition, work with multiple materials and processes to add value, and to design product ranges in addition to single products
  • Understand costing and value engineering, ability to map complex supply chains, basic measurement and evaluation; understand compliances in the workspace and apply principles of lean manufacturing.

Level 7 (Year-3)

  • Be able to break a task down, understand and balance a production cell or line, plan and design production facilities, be able to adopt technology appropriately, implement measurement and evaluation systems and understand complex value chains
  • Be able to look to start up their own enterprise or work in a small or medium scale manufacturing enterprise as designer, production co-ordinator or merchandiser.



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