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MA in New Humanities and Design

“It is not by dealing out cold justice to the circle of ideas that I can make them grow, but by cherishing them and tending them as I would flowers in my garden” - Charles Sanders Peirce


New Humanities and Design at Srishti Manipal offers a learning and inquiring space that is both rooted and cosmopolitan. Our objective is rethinking—in the context of our present—the ethical and political questions that are being thrown up by a world, both united and separated by the accelerating growth of technology, communication, migration, economic inequality and ecological destruction.

New Humanities and Design provides the intellectual resources for learners to engage with the complexities of a fully globalized culture unfolding before us. A whole new sensibility, a fresh theoretical and practical orientation to the social and natural world are offered to understand the articulation of history, heritage, cultural differences, emergent social and political formations, creative practices, technology, environment and also new conflicts and contestations over identities, practices and institutions. This program will help learners to actively rethink the traditional humanities disciplines and will enable them to develop new skills and concepts from art and design to interpret, theorize and intervene.

The program offers a 2-year Masters in New Humanities and Design with specialization in the following tracks.




Creates professionals capable of creatively reimagining the past with diverse and marginalised voices usually ignored in conventional academic practice.
For more information about this program, kindly email Srijan Sandip Mandal at