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MA - Design Practice


Pathway : Entrepreneurship for Impact

One thing is very clear to me that with social business taking off, the world of free market capitalism will never be the same again” - Prof. Muhammad Yunus

Design, Business and Impact making

The Masters of Arts in Design Practices (MADP EI) is part practice based learning and part an impact incubator in a design school. Together we are a movement of sustainability-focused entrepreneurs, passionate change-makers and business opportunity seekers who want to frame the world in entirely new ways. We believe business that are based on principles of design are going to shape the future.

A unique blend of Design, Business and Impact; creative impact making is a core guiding principle of this course. Positioned within one of the best art and design school environments that is also located within Bangalore, a global center of entrepreneurial activity.

Learners capitalize on the creative energy and business acumen of the Srishti Manipal community to design innovative and systemic solutions to the opportunities they see nested in the problems they see around them which could be environmental, cultural or political.

Design and business come together to create an aspirational product.

The program guides active and aspiring entrepreneurs to:

  • Use design thinking to create compelling solutions to social needs and aspirations
  • Develop business solutions to profitably maximise social impact
  • Develop the business strategies and leadership skills necessary to lead a successful social venture

Pushcart designed for sustainably grown farm produce

Core Values

We believe,

  • Impact needs business acumen to sustain and grow. Business should not be evil but be an positive enabler for planet and people.
  • Healthier business can create net positive impact on planet, people, profit and entrepreneurs themselves.
  • Design thinking is human, empathetic and solution oriented. It’s not just looking at cases in the past, it teaches ‘being’ in the now and coming up with solutions, not just to problems but also to fulfil aspirations.
  • We learn by doing. We practice taking businesses from ideation to execution in looking for solutions for Environmental, social, economic and cultural sustainability through business design
  • The world needs more authentic and courageous leadership 
  • Freedom- to accept and fully express oneself is powerful

Family run millet processing business in Karnataka

Course Structure

Our two-year, experiential learning approach

The Masters of Arts in Design Practices Entrepreneurship of Impact is a two years full-time program (four semesters) to complete. We follow a practice-based approach to learning where entrepreneurs work on their enterprise idea throughout the two years.

Through the first year we take the entrepreneurs through the design thinking and service design process  to refine their product or service idea. They are equipped with business strategy and branding tools to then take this idea to life over the second year. Our aim is for them to scale their impact such that they could have a sustained business model by the completion of their course.

Our students have built enterprises, scaled solutions created new models for impact making, within their jobs while being part of the course.

Course Structure

  • Disciplinary Studies
  • Trans-disciplinary Projects
  • Theory and Understanding Units
  • Practice
  • Self-Directed Inquiry/Research
  • Knowledge Enhancement (Ability or Skills)

Learning Approach

Learn - Experience - Apply - Practice

Learning in the classroom is accompanied by experiencing the learning through workshops and quick exercises and then piloted in the field through a quick design, rapid prototype in a fail-forward through iteration model.
The toggling between classroom and enterprise in action allows for “pilot and hone“ business model building.

Capability Sets

Through attending the MADP-EI program, you can acquire the following capabilities:

  • Need finding.
  • Understanding Market and Customer.
  • Product- service- delivery system.
  • Business Research Methods and Statistics.
  • Design Research methods and qualitative analysis.


  • Entrepreneurs with existing businesses strengthen their businesses and link up with potential investors.
  • Idea stage entrepreneurs build up concrete and viable business models that they can launch.
  • Corporate Intrapreneurs interested in the sector get to work with Impact Enterprises or NGOs.
  • As Investment managers in Impact funds who have an understanding of the entrepreneurs they will invest in
  • As Program managers in NGOs
  • As CSR manager in corporates


For more information about this program, kindly email Naga Nandini at

Disciplinary Intersections

This specialisation is informed by related learning disciplines like

Branding and Communication
Design Thinking
Strategic Communication
Systems and Service Design

Research and Collaboration

The MINT program offers its students opportunities to connect with artists and designers from a range of research and practice labs and centres based at Srishti Manipal.
These include:


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