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5 (2+3) Year Integrated Postgraduate-Doctoral Program

Reimagining Transitions

“...the climate crisis is also a crisis of culture, and thus of the imagination” - Amitav Ghosh

“The collapse of civilization is a terrifying prospect; the birth of a new one puts things in a different light” - John Thackara, “How to Thrive in the Next Economy”

“When you are doing the right thing for the Earth, she gives you great company.” - Vandana Shiva

“We cannot create regenerative cultures without creating more equitable cultures. For the transition to be successful we need the widespread participation of informed citizens collaborating in the creation of regenerative communities at every scale, empowered and enabled by global collaboration.” - Daniel Christian Wahl


To nurture motivated and enthusiastic young people, to create spaces of vital new research and practice drawing upon the deep passion and universal grief that brings us together as a community towards a planetary society and an ecological civilization.

Srishti Manipal responds to the climate crisis and invites aspiring young practitioners with either a bachelor’s or master's degree in any field to bring deep commitment to reimagine human societies and participate in systemic restoration of the natural health of the planet.

The 5 (2+3) Years Integrated Postgraduate-Doctoral Program reimagines transition as building regenerative societies that restore landscapes and impact policy and planning towards a planetary society and ecological civilisation

The overarching questions that nurture Reimagining Transitions are:

How do we imagine and re-build transition economies and transition towns in response to the ecological crisis?

How do we re-evaluate developments in natural ecosystems (for eg. Mountain environments) for restoration of natural health of the ecosystem and for policy advocacy?

To reimagine and revitalise old settlements, streets, nullas and markets of inner cities; Image Credits: Vishwesh Vishwanathan

Develop creative research practices to build custodianship of fragile ecologies and unfold critical narratives.
Western Ghats (L), Image Credits: Srivi Kalyan and Hessarghatta Lake, Bengaluru (R), Image Credits: Mahesh Bhat

Towards this vision the Integrated Postgraduate-Doctoral Program provides a distinct edge; it places aspirants on an intensive, focused and accelerated trajectory than the conventional separate masters and then a doctoral track. For those who are drawn to both practice and research, our integrated postgraduate-doctoral program provides a vibrant and exciting space for engaging with real issues, under experienced mentors and build visions for change in our inner cities or our natural heritage.

Program Structure

As an Integrated Postgraduate-Doctoral Program the deserving candidate will be awarded a doctoral award at the successful completion of the program requirements over a minimum period of study (5 years).

There are four distinct stages that all aspiring practitioner/scholars need to complete the program successfully and be awarded the PhD by the Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE).

  1. Stage One: Preparatory Studies towards the Doctoral Proposal (qualifier for the Doctoral Program of Study)
  2. Stage Two: Essential Course Work required as part of the Doctoral Program of Study. (Pre-requisite for the development of the Research Proposal)
  3. Stage Three: Development of the Research Proposal and the formation of the Doctoral Advisory Committee (Formal Registration as a Doctoral Scholar)
  4. Stage Four: Thesis Development, Completion and Examination

This program provides diverse platforms to enable those who are interested in the evolution and application of intuition, intelligence and imagination in the regeneration of our cities, in creating sustainable living and livelihoods for its inhabitants.

The outcomes will provide insights for planners, policy makers, investors and economists thereby  generating the possibility of  “creative impact ahead of the curve”.

Research and Collaborations

Research Scholars and Mentors will guide our scholars through the following centres and labs

Research Scholars and Mentors

  • Geetha Narayanan
  • Neelkanth Chhaya
  • Nina Sabnani
  • Deepta Sateesh
  • Indira Chowdhury
  • Jacob Mathew
  • Janak Mistry
  • Jyothsna Belliapa
  • Kush Patel
  • Naganandini Dasgupta
  • Naveen Bagalkot
  • Padimini Nagaraja
  • Rustam Vania
  • Sanjay Barnela
  • Shreyas Srivatsav
  • Siddhi Bhandari
  • Srijan Mandal
  • Srivi Kalyan
  • Swati Dandekar
  • Vidhu Gandhi
  • Vishwesh Vishwanathan

Reimagining Transitions


For more information about this program, kindly email us
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Admission Process and Eligibility for the Integrated Postgraduate-Doctoral Program