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General Studies

"Maybe this is why we read, and why in moments of darkness we return to books: to find words for what we already know." - Alberto Manguel


The General Studies program at Srishti is a unique program that provides an expansive view at issues in order to broaden students’ minds to become aware of contexts for art, design and technology, as well as sharpen their critical thinking and communication skills. Topics are wide-ranging and might include literature and criticism, environmental studies, research methodologies and philosophy, among many others that lean on the current research interests of faculty. All students at Srishti enroll in the General Studies program alongside other undergraduate and postgraduate courses.

Learning Approach:

The approach of the General Studies program (GS) is designed keeping in mind the requirements of the students at every year and the level of study, as well. The program runs parallel to the disciplinary Studio programs, the Foundation Studies program, and the Project-based programs, and, play the role of nudging, inspiring and provoking the students’ evolution as creative practitioners.

Program Structure:

General Studies are part of the electives at Srishti. The structure of the learning units varies for each year and level of study. There are four tracks offered that ensure that students receive both a breadth and depth of learning experiences through their electives.


  • Humanities, Philosophy and Social Sciences (HPSS)
  • Language and Literature
  • Mathematics, Business and Finance
  • Life Sciences and Development- Materials, Environment and Biology

Humanities, Philosophy and Social Sciences

The HPSS track seeks to understand the individual, the larger group and the inter-connections/ relationship between the two, as well as how one influences the other. Courses employ a discussion based, creative, personal or empirical approach.

Language and Literature

The Language and Literature interdisciplinary track nurtures critical thinking skills through reading, writing, and research practices and abilities to make creative connections between language and literature and socio-historical contexts. This track harnesses different ways of imagining, self-reflection, and underlines engaged understandings of what it is to be human in the contemporary world.

Mathematics, Business and Finance

The Mathematics, Business and Finance track builds business effectiveness and personal growth capabilities in a range of areas.This track includes learning about specific areas such as data analysis, economic models, business ethics, strategy and operations, human relations and mathematics.

Life Sciences and Development- Materials, Environment and Biology

This track mainly focuses on understanding living organisms from various perspectives ranging from design, functionality and habitat. Courses within this track adopt a multidisciplinary approach to biological systems, by applying various lenses to appreciate and extrapolate from Nature. The large umbrella of life sciences includes specific fields such as environmental health & sciences, food science, bio-computers and nanotechnology, biomaterials biodynamics and biomimicry.


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