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Vidhu Gandhi

Area of Practice

Architect, Heritage Conservationist, Researcher  



Undergraduate degree in Architecture, TVB School of Habitat Studies, New Delhi

Master in Sustainable Development, University of South Wales (UNSW), Sydney

PhD in Heritage Conservation, University of New South Wales (UNSW), Sydney

Work Experience

As a registered architect with the Council of Architecture (India):

  • over 17 years of experience in heritage conservation, urban planning, architecture and urban design in Australia and India
  • Senior Heritage Consultant with Extent Heritage in Sydney, Australia, specialising in heritage conservation and management, urban planning and architecture
  • Heritage Advisor with architectural companies in Sydney and Adelaide

Interest Areas

practices, discourse and systems of heritage conservation; urban planning and development legislation; architecture;

archaeology; museum studies; race studies; postcolonial studies

Current Practice at Srishti

heritage management, conservation, public space design, interior design, urban design and sustainability, public history, supervision of masters students for human centred design, design led innovation and experience design

Creative Practice and Outreach


  • Vidhu Gandhi, curating editor, Seminar: Decolonising academic speak, forthcoming
  • Vidhu Gandhi, Contributing author, Bloomsbury Global Encyclopaedia of Women in Architecture, contracted by Bloomsbury Publishing to research and write on women architects in India between 1960-2015, ongoing, expected publication date 2021
  • MacLaren North and Vidhu Gandhi, ‘Sirius: retrofitting Brutalism in Sydney’, paper presented at the Central Europe towards Sustainable Building Conference, July 2-4, 2019
  • Gurmeet Sangha Rai and Vidhu Gandhi, ‘The Problem’, In Seminar 705: Democratizing Heritage, 2018
  • Swati Ramanathan and Vidhu Gandhi, ‘Balancing Environment, Economy and Equity: planning initiatives in three cities in Brazil, Mongolia and India’, In Proceedings of 18th International Conference of the International Planning History Society (refereed), July 15-18, 2018
  • Vidhu Gandhi, ‘Greyfield Developments: Dissonant Assemblage of Heritage in the City’, presented at the 18th International Conference of the International Planning History Society (refereed), July 15-18, 2018 
  • Swati Ramanthan and Vidhu Gandhi, co-authored Rajasthan Heritage Conservation Bill 2014, and Rajasthan Regional and Municipal Spatial Development Plan Bill 2014 for the State Government of Rajasthan, 2014
  • Vidhu Gandhi, ‘Indias fourth planned city’ In Financial Chronicle, , 2014
  • Kevin DunnVidhGandhiDanielle Pelleri and KariMaeder-HanRacisin the tertiary education sector: a case of Indian student attackin Australia, In Geography Bulletin, 2011,Challenging Racism: The Anti-racism research project (a federal government funded project based at the University oWestern Sydney), ttp://, 2011
  • Vidhu Gandhi anPeter LonerganAffordable Rental HousingHave YouSay – A Considered Response, submission iresponse to the NSGovernment’s review of the State Environmental Planning Policy (Affordable Rental Housing 2009), 2011

Outreach interests include encouraging greater connect and engagement with the larger architectural and heritage conservation community

Projects showcase:

Between Real and Virtual

Between Real and Virtual
Herd Mentality, representing the spread of news during the first wave of COVID by student Nupur


Between Real and Virtual
Fake or Fact?:  AR enabled motion poster design aimed at producing awareness among people about the importance of controlling the spread of fake news through social media platforms by student Ashwin


Space and Place

Space and Place
Crimson Explorer V.I: an alien home – design of a space suit for Mars by student Aditya


Space and Place
Coup d'état: documenting Myanmar’s current political scenario by students Mrinmayi, Vanshika, Nihara, and Nivedita