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Rohini A

Area of Practice

Creative Arts Therapist , Teacher


Bachelor of Arts (English), Madras University

Master of Arts in English, Bangalore University

Master of Creative Arts Therapy, RMIT, Melbourne,

Post Graduate Diploma of Education (Secondary), Sydney University

Diploma of Counseling, Australian Counseling Association (ACA), Estrada College, Melbourne

Post Graduate Diploma of Education (Secondary), Sydney University

Work Experience

  • 13 years of experience as a Creative Arts Therapist, Counselor and teacher
  • Conducted therapy workshops for individuals and groups, and managed community health projects that combine Art Therapy, Counseling, Health Education, Cognitive Behavior Therapy and Mindfulness for adolescents and adults from diverse backgrounds

Interest Areas

vernacular typographic forms; also interested in cultural industries; mental and emotional health; creative arts, play and psychotherapy; multi-disciplinary relationship and interplay of influences as seen through the lenses of neuro-psychology; esoteric; cultural and contemplative practices

Current Practice at Srishti

General Studies

Creative Practice and Outreach

Personal Visual Art practice

Projects showcase:

Miracle Stories

It’s a New World