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Ranjani Balasubramanian

Area of Practice

Architect, Urban Planner, Researcher, Educator


Bachelors in Architecture, BMS College of Architecture, Bangalore

Masters in Urbanism and Strategic Spatial Planning, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium

Work Experience

Architectural Practice Included

  • heritage conservation in Ladakh
  • passive architecture in Auroville and Bangalore
  • urban planner and researcher in Mumbai on infrastructure
  • urban development projects
  • part of multiple smart cities initiatives at national and state levels.

Interest Areas

design for sustainability; design for post-disaster recovery and resilience; cultures of tourism; earth architecture

Current Practice at Srishti

Climate and disaster resilience through place based projects revolving around community engagement and collaborative research and design, Articulating alternative paradigms of sustainability and sustainable development goals through contextual and local practices and configurations

Creative Practice and Outreach



  • Working with LeNS International Learning Networks For Sustainability
  • Coordinating LeNS Lab at Srishti
  • Coordinating LeNS India Network
  • Organized LeNS International Conference at Srishti in April 2019
  • Developed LeNS Sustainability for All Manifesto
  • Project with Wayanad District Adminisration for Disaster Resilience

Projects showcase:

Climate and Urban Form

Student explorations


Narratives as a Planning Tool/Landscapes of Transition – Understanding Post Disaster Landscapes in Wayanad, Kerela

Ranjani 2
Students on site at Wayanad


LeNS Pilot 2 – Project on Silk Weaving Communities with IIT Guwahati, IIIT Jabalpur, Mizoram College of Architecture and Politecnico Di Milano

Ranjani 3
Student Discussions