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Pooja Sastry

Area of Practice

Architect, Urban planner


Bachelor of Architecture, R V School of Architecture, Bengaluru

Master’s in Urban and Regional Planning, CEPT University, Ahmedabad

Work Experience

  • Land use and infrastructure planning
  • Heritage-based economic development
  • Policy and regulation
  • Government/non-government stakeholder engagement
  • Socio-economic surveys and data analysis
  • Studies of wetlands using GIS-based data

Interest Areas

affordable housing and policy; transportation economics, women’s studies; climate change adaptation

Current Practice at Srishti

B.Des and M.Des Public Space Design; B.Voc Interior Design-Build; Business Services and Systems Design; Foundation; General Studies; Semester 7 and 8 Projects

Creative Practice and Outreach

  • The Protopolis Project
  • Vidhi Centre for Legal Policy

Projects showcase:

Climate Change Urban Form

relief shelter for cyclone victims
Student design of a relief shelter for cyclone victims in the Sundarbans, West Bengal


Climate Change Urban Form

information centre in the Sundarbans
Student design of an information centre in the Sundarbans, West Bengal


Cultural Forms (Interim)

re-design of a pubic space
Student’s re-design of a pubic space, the Ras Al-Khaimah Museum


Cultural Forms (Interim)

Mumbai General Post Office
Student’s study of the Mumbai General Post Office, a public space