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Nandini Velho

Area of Practice

Wildlife Biologist


MSc., National Centre for Biological Science and Wildlife Conservation Society, Bengaluru.

PhD, Tropical Ecology, James Cook University, Cairns.

Post-Doc, Columbia University, New York.

Work Experience


  • Researcher and creative conservation program coordinator with Forest Department of Pakke Tiger Reserve and Eaglenest Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Policy Fellow at the Office of the Minister of Environment and Forests
  • Junior Research Fellow, National Centre for Biological Sciences
  • Visiting faculty for Biodiversity Conservation and Management module at Rangers college, Burnihaat
  • Part of team that has co-written Tiger Conservation and Management Plans
  • Team member and Advisor, Singchung Bugun Village Community Reserve

Interest Areas

Human-dimensions of wildlife management

Current Practice at Srishti

Site-specific work; communities and conservation

Creative Practice and Outreach

Coordinator for Nature Interpretation Centres for Pakke Tiger Reserve and Eaglenest Wildlife Sanctuary.

Supervisor and coordinator to Green Hub video documentation fellows of Arunachal Pradesh.

Lead resource person in yearly nature-education workshops around Wildlife Week.

Eaglenest Memory Project, recreating the history of the forest.

Projects showcase:

Semester 7: Life on Earth

Semester 8: Pakke or Pangi, Bagh or Bagheera (Nature Interpretation Centers in the Himalayas)