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Meera Curam

Area of Practice

Visual arts, Textiles and research


Bachelor of Fine arts ( Sculpture)

Master of Fine arts  (Painting)

Work Experience

  • Course Director, BA (Hons) Textile Design, Institute of Jewelry,

              Fashion, and Textiles, Birmingham City University

  • Design Consultant Taneira Sarees, Titan Co Ltd
  • Design Consultant for Curriculum design, EKYA schools,
  • Design Consultant for Curriculum design, GAIT program, Fit Kids

Interest Areas

visual thinking;  interactive textiles; natural materials; sustainable practices in textiles and fashion; collaborative and artisanal ethnography

Current Practice at Srishti

design thinking and visualization, contemporary art practices, research methods and media and material experimentation

Creative Practice and Outreach

EKYA schools, Bangalore. Concept, Design and development of Visual arts and design Curriculum for the grades K to 12 and open studios for grades 6-­‐12. The curriculum was implemented successfully after trials and refinement in all branches of EKYA School

GAIT program, Fit Kids, Bangalore. Content conceptualization, development of Children safety awareness using performance and physical theater activities. After the first pilot implementation, the curriculum was successfully implemented across India in all schools which had  GAIT program.

Workshops conducted for art and design practices, design thinking and textile techniques for children and adults. Mentor for teachers and facilitators to rethink curriculum and classroom teaching

Projects showcase:

Archives and Narratives, 7th semester project in collaboration with Museum of art and photography (MAP), Bangalore

Spider’s Web: Contemporary Art Practices

Making at Center of Being,  8th semester project on rethinking craft in school curriculum