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Meena Vari

Area of Practice


Curatorial Affairs (Curation, Organization, Coordination, Management, Production and Exhibition), Education and Research, Organizational Development




BA (Hons) in Political Science, University of Delhi, Delhi

Bachelors in Education, Annamalai University, Chennai

Diploma in Public Relations

Masters in Political Science, University of Delhi, Delhi

Creative Leadership in the Arts, Chevening Clore Fellow (Clore Cultural Institute)

Arts Management, University of New Orleans (Fulbright Scholarship)

Enhancement Courses:

  • Certificate course from Node Center for “Curating on the Web Exhibiting internet-based art”
  • Professional one week Course on Curating after New Media, run by Beryl Graham, University of Sunderland, UK

Work Experience


  • Worked for 6 years as Arts Administrator at Attakkalari Center for the Arts, Kerala
  • Worked for 3 years in different Secondary schools in Delhi and Madhya Pradesh, teaching subjects in Social Sciences at primary and high-school levels

Interest Areas

curatorial practice as a form of learning and teaching practice developing through cultural place-making;  new artistic practices; knowledge making

Current Practice at Srishti

Visual Studies and Visual Tools from the context of Contemporary Creative Practice, Curating Contemporary Artistic Practices

Creative Practice and Outreach

  • Keynote speaker at Global Deans Talk - Art & Design Education: Future-Lab 2019, Art & Design Education: Future-Lab Shanghai China
  • Speaker at 2020  Society for Photography and Education, US / Murthy Nayak Foundation South Asia Photography Education Symposium, Delhi 
  • Speaker at 2019 Innovative Models of Arts Education, FICCI Smart Cities Art Cities conference, Bangalore





  • Srishti Outpost collateral project with Kochi Muziris Biennale 2016: December 2016- March 2017 (Collateral Outreach Project as part of the Kochi Muziris Biennale 2016.)
  • Reach Out , TATE UK – BP Art Exchange Project at Kochi Biennale and at TATE UK 2014 & 2016
  • Entanglement, a play of Art and Science for Science Gallery Bengaluru, at ITBIZ and Serendipity Art Festival (2016)
  • CEMA PAAR at Shilong and Guwahati-    New Media and technology workshops

Curatorial Projects:

  1. SUB-PLOTS: Laughing in the Vernacular National Gallery for Modern Art, Mumbai December 2017
  2. VOICEOVER, Indira Gandhi National Center for Contemporary Arts , Delhi  2018
  3. The Sundry Effect: the stories we are… at Bikaner House, Delhi 2020
  4. Notes on the (Dis)appearance of The Real, Delhi 2011
  5. The Louder Whisper, Online Exhibition with CRISAP (Creative Research in Sound Art Practice, London 2011
  6. Material Texts (2010)
  7. Metamorphosis: Change and Continuity , Cincinnati US 2009

Recent Units facilitated

Median of the Mind

Projects showcase:

Median of the Mind

Median of the Mind
Artist: Allan Parker, Project: ‘The Walls’


Median of the Mind
Artist: Daniel Saul, Project ‘Artificial Intelligence and Future Micro Stories’


Median of the Mind
Artist: Siddharth Karawal, Project ‘the Toybird’


Median of the Mind
Median of the Mind - Thesis Project, 2019: The Bush by Aditya Reddy