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Leadership at Srishti Manipal Institute (SMI)

Dr. Geetha Narayanan
Founder Director, SMI

An evangelist for learning and an activist for change in educational milieus across the world Geetha has worked for over 4 decades in the overlapping fields of education, arts and culture, design and technology.

In the last four decades Geetha has moved from founding institutions that support and enable change to working both creatively and constructively in generating capacities for change within teachers, artists and other creative practitioners.

Geetha was awarded an Honorary Doctorate by Oxford Brookes University in recognition of her contribution to teacher development in 2011. She has accepted a Director’s Fellowhip at the Media Lab of the Massachusetts’s Institute of Technology USA and is currently holding the position of the UNESCO Chair for Culture Habitat and Sustainable Development as well. Geetha has also been invited to be a visiting faculty at Harvard Graduate School of Education’s Future of Learning Summer School. Geetha serves and has served on many national and international boards.

Dr. Gautham N. Dayal
Director, SMI

Gautham N. Dayal is an educator, visionary, artist and the director of Srishti Manipal Institute of Art, Design and Technology. He has been associated with Srishti for almost two decades and has taken on the roles of Dean and Associate Dean of the School of Design, Business and Technology, a consultant for the Project Vision Collective and a member of CERTAD (Centre for Education, Research, Training and Development). In his role as the Dean, he undertook the academic conceptualization and creation of programs bridging computation, design, and education. He also led the coordination of programs such as Creative Coding, Creative and Applied Computation, Creative Education and Design Computation.

Prior to this, Gautham was the consultant of CERTAD and he contributed significantly to the re-envisioning of the educational curriculum in schools – an undertaking that involves working with both students and teachers in the planning and implementation of the curriculum in a hands-on manner.

As a part of the Project Vision Collective, he worked with the students from economically weaker communities in the urban areas, enabling them to apply mathematical and computational thinking in ways that were relevant to their lives, while at the same time keeping them on par with contemporary schooling standards

Gautham is also an independent studio woodworker. His practice includes designing and making custom furniture, educational artefacts and architectural elements. He has an ongoing collaboration with Lifelong Kindergarten at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology on constructionist learning and computational thinking in the context of Scratch. He also envisioned the “Making STEAM Come Alive Across Karnataka, by Design” project that proposed to facilitate the creation of an emergent community which would advocate for the new sciences and develop and create mechanisms for scaling innovation.