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Knowledge Management

Ajai Narendran
Ajai Narendran brings in over 17 years of experience in designing and building structured digital/ web based resources bases, Knowledge management systems, e-learning and open learning platforms. After his initial training in Avionics Engineering and 2 years in the aviation industry, Ajai moved to Amrita University, Coimbatore where he led for 8 years the team working on Knowledge Management and Open learning initiatives.
At Srishti over the last 9 years his courses focus on bringing in Science and Mathematics concepts into Art and Design education. He spends his off teaching hours on building "Cantadora" - the intranet learning resource base at Srishti. Project Vidya that he conceived and built at Amrita University has been recommended by the IT Ministry-UGC-NAAC-AICTE as a replicable model for Indian universities. Project Vidya is listed among the top entries of Asian Digital Library initiatives in 2008 and was taken as a major case study in Project ‘ShareCity’: Systemic Change in Indian Classrooms Through Digital Participatory Learning, Centre for Technology and Culture, Norway. He has also presented a paper titled "Study Locally – Learn Globally: A case study across 10 years of e-learning, knowledge management practices in a leading Indian Science & Technology university and Art & Design School" at EDULEARN12 - the 4th annual International Conference on Education and New Learning Technologies held in Barcelona, Spain in July 2012. His was the only Indian representation amongst presenters from 80 countries.
Ajai’s interests include Data mining algorithms, Heuristics, Knowledge Management, Complexity Science, Literature, Experimental optics, Science Communication, Cycling.

Geetha K R
Geetha joined Srishti as a Librarian in 1996. She has been assisting in the efficient running of the Library by maintaining the Library’s collection. After completing her Diploma and Bachelor’s Degree in Library Science , she did an apprenticeship at the State Technical Education Resources & Inf. Centre library and then worked for two years in the Army Public School. Her work includes building up the Library resources and processing of the resources.

Thippeswamy K
After completing his Bachelor of Science (CBZ), Swamy furthered his career path by doing a Master Degree in Lib. & Information Science from Kuvempu University. He worked at NAL and British Library, Bangalore before joining Srishti. At Srishti for the past 16 years, his work entails Identifying, Management and Procurement of Information resources, with the help of subject experts, and the administrative work that is required to run an efficient library.