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Gautham Dayal

Area of Practice

Educator; Woodworker; Tinkerer


PhD in Mathematics – Chennai Math Institute / BITS Pilani

Work Experience

  • Teaching (and Head of Math and Computer Studies) in an international K-12 school
  • Conducting workshops on learning through making for diverse groups of learners
  • Teaching in schools / learning centers working with learners from less privileged backgrounds

Interest Areas

role of materials and technology in learning; how people learn to learn; developing computational thinking;

Current Practice at Srishti

Creative Education – learning through making and playing; Uses of technology in education; playing with technology and computers, Creative and Applied Computation

Creative Practice and Outreach


  • Involved in organizing and running the Learning Mela
  • Running workshop on “creative” computation
  • “Thinking hands” workshops

Projects showcase:

Order and Chaos
Student explorations: Patterns generated by mouse movements

"Order and Chaos": Everything is a Number

Order and Chaos 2
Student explorations: Pictures from numbers


Seeing the Invisible
Student explorations: Multiple Objects dance around as they get attracted to every
other object in the canvas

Seeing the Invisible











Student explorations: Visualizing sound using laser reflections