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Babita Belliappa

Area of Practice

Educator, Film Maker, Arts Science Enthusiast, Lifelong Learner


M.S. Mass communication, Janbharathi, Bangalore

Advanced Diploma Program, Design in Education, Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology, Bangalore

Work Experience

  • Taught spoken language using the audio video medium and worked as a consultant
  • Worked with Project Vision Research Collective to work with and along-side middle school teachers in Mallya Aditi International school
  • Created and designed an IB with a focus on Indian context curricular

Interest Areas

Designing creative education models; pedagogy for school and higher education, which is interdisciplinary and intra disciplinary; art science and material driven design using narratives to tell stories; engage in alternate ways of understanding material design and sustainable ways to create and creative ways of learning to learn

Current Practice at Srishti

Creative education, Place as pedagogy and environmental exposure courses, Interim to work with public partnerships like festival of ideas and performances in NSD Bengaluru, Art Science based curricula, General Studies and generic skills, Film making and stop motion from story ideation to final making

Creative Practice and Outreach

  • Work off site to manage and coordinate outside partnerships with other cultural and artistic institutions
  • Workshops in storytelling and mindful making
  • Consultations with start-up schools to set up good practices and design based creative interventions
  • Designing arts and humanities-based curriculum
  • Professional development with teaching community

Recent Units  Facilitated 

Biomaterial Choreography

A Slice of the City

Projects showcase:

Biomaterial Choreography

Cookbook to the Universe by students Medha and Oshin
Cookbook to the Universe by students Medha and Oshin


Student work: Kombucha collage
Student work: Kombucha collage


A Slice of the City

Student participating in Off site immersion
Off site immersion