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Aparna Vinod

Area of Practice

Aesthetic Education, Designing for Complex Systems



Bachelor of Arts (Humanities),  St. Joseph’s College of Arts and Science, Bangalore

M. A. (Mass Communication & Media), Bangalore University

M. A. (Professional Practices - Design in Education), Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology, Bangalore

Work Experience

  • Founder, The Craft Caravan - A learning resource that designs aesthetic education and cultural learning interventions for the educational sector
  • Co-Founder - Youth Futures Alliance - A network creating futures-oriented capabilities and mindsets in young people
  • Strategic Design Consultant for Curriculum, Learning and Policy (Project based)
  • Specialist Communication - worked with leading Corporate & Social sector organizations, developing communication drives, content and research

Interest Areas

Traditional and Cultural Knowledge Systems, Folk Culture, Indian Aesthetics, Artisanship, Mastery, Critical Making, Designing For Complex Systems, Futures Thinking, Critical Pedagogy, Transdisciplinary Learning, Heutagogy

Current Practice at Srishti

Creative education, practice as research, systemic design

Creative Practice and Outreach

Workshops and talks conducted at various schools and colleges about Aesthetic Education

Recent Units facilitated

Wearables as Knowables

Between Craftsmanship & Mastery

Projects showcase:

Wearables as Knowables

Student work for Wearable and Knowable
Form development and ideation. Students were asked to develop a wearable that enables a learning space and fosters ‘Knowing'



Between Craftsmanship & Mastery

Image of prototype of a structural puzzle
Prototype of a structural puzzle. Students were asked to reimagine an existing toy in its form, material and application. Conceptual notions of Craftsmanship and Mastery were unpacked throughout this making journey