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Song Slaughter

Mamta Sagar's poetry installation work based on one of her poems in Kannada will be displayed as part of the upcoming Archive Exhibition curated by In_process with PAWA2021. The installation will have a sound/video piece displayed along a text/handout (takeaway).

The exhibition will be held from 10th to 14th November 2021 in Thistle Hall Community Venue, Wellington, New Zealand.


A video and sound poetry installation by Mamta Sagar


This poetry installation considers the concept of SPACE as a site of memoryscapes, reminding junctures of marginalized political histories of a land. Memory Spaces are recreated through visual, sound and written texts.

Visuals and coding - Pratyush Raman

English translation - Vanamala Vishwanath

Installation is based on a poem in Kannada language by Mamta Sagar