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Phenomenal time series 5

In the fifth session in the Phenomenal Time series this Thursday, we’ll be hearing from Dr Deepta Sateesh, Srishti Manipal Institute of Art and Design, Bangalore, India and Dr. Laura Denning, Bath Spa University, UK, with a talk entitled “Temporal Wanderings - an embodied methodology”. Below is the brief abstract:

Temporal Wanderings – An embodied methodology

Using sounds, images and spoken word, Dr Deepta Sateesh and Dr. Laura Denning invite you on a journey through times. Walk with us through parallel meanderings in Karnataka, (India) and South Devon (UK) as we entangle and untangle different measurements and embodied perceptions in and across time. Delivered in two parts, this collaborative performance lecture asks What Time is it? How is Time?

Part I - Different sorts of time

Part II - In-between Civic Time & Uncivic Time

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