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FAQs - User Interface and Interaction Engineering

User Interface and Interaction Engineering focuses on the wide range of creative processes and practices that enable the conception, iterative design and development of exceptional, engaging and desirable human-digital system interactions. As technological media widen the possibilities for designing for and across them is a challenge for an emerging workforce. UIIE aims to address this challenge by equipping you to be a nimble creator and digital craftsperson.

This course is suitable for you if you

·      Love to seriously tinker with and shaping the digital materials such as code, data, screen, sensors, input devices, etc. for people’s use,

·      Are driven by the purpose of solving problems people face while interacting with digital systems,

·      Are excited about industry settings, processes and practices to give life and realise design,

·      Are a diligent and quick learner, and one who works well with teams with a common purpose.

You will learn the basic fundamentals of user interface and interaction design, programming, and working with and visualising data. Based on these fundamentals you can then pursue dedicated learning journey within the complex world of UI/UX design industry, and across multiple media forms.


Please download the prospectus on the course page to know about the specific learning units that will be taught in this course.

You will be able to wear multiple hats, as someone who ideates and conceptualizes or who is technically capable to execute those ideas. You will work with product and services development teams that create cutting edge interfaces and interaction designs for digital products for the web across established corporate design studios such as Swiggy, Furlenco, Tata Elxsi, Uber, etc., design firms, and design and technology incubators working with cutting edge and emerging technologies.


You will, based on the paths of learning you take, play a range of following roles:

ensure that current and future user needs are met; design delightful, useful and user friendly product interactions and / or data visualizations; test products so that they meet the users’ expectations, constraints and needs; iterate and prototype to deliver development ready interfaces and visualisations.


You will be able to contribute in the areas of interaction and user-interface design at numerous MNCs, startups, R&D centres across India and abroad, involved in developing technology-based products, interfaces and services. Possible job titles can include User Interface Designer, Product Designer, interaction designer, Motion Designer, UX Copy writer, Data Visualizer, Front-End Developer, etc.

This course will also open avenues for higher education in art, technology and design.


The course differs from other courses in the following manner:

·      The curriculum is aimed to address the current as well as emerging needs of creative industries.

·      Curriculum is co-designed with industry partners, and is linked to the specific expectations from the NSQF for the sectors of Information Technology - IT enabled Services and Media-Entertainment.

·      Learning happens through multiple modes that include direct and extended interactions with industry, not limiting to corporate design firms, but also exciting and emerging start-ups working with new forms of technology.

·      The focus is on hands-on crafting, doing, and making in a purposeful and responsible manner.