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FAQs - Creative Coding – 2018-19

Coding can be thought of as the use of algorithmic thinking to solve problems. Creative Coding goes beyond this – it includes exploring the possibilities made available by coding and technology and applying them creatively in areas such as media and product design.

If you are keen to have an impact on the world by publishing mobile apps, digital games, expressive visual art, interactive websites and robotic devices, this course is a perfect platform for you. If you are an artist, designer or any other professional in creative industry who want to start using programming in their practice then this course is your best choice. You will learn to code by making amazing things!

In this course you will learn to use technology to prototype ideas and implement them. You will learn to use a wide range of technologies / languages and will become skilled at picking up appropriate tools to solve problems. You will choose which areas you want to gain expertise in depending on your inclination and interests. Building objects in collaboration with artists / designers to show proof-of –concept will be accessible to you.

This course will enable you to work with start-ups, as well as enterprises of a creative, social and educational nature which use and implement technology at their core. You will be able to wear multiple hats, as someone who ideates and conceptualizes or who is technically capable of executing ideas. You will be equipped with the capability to learn tools and frameworks that help you create your own niche or to seek self-expression by blending art and technology to produce data art, information visualizations or data journalism and more.
This course will also open avenues for higher education in art, technology and design.

Creative Coding is one of the most exciting ways to learn programming. In comparison to the traditional computer science courses, the emphasis here is on learning how to use programming for creative purposes. A unique aspect of this course is a learning approach which allows for a wide range of personal and creative explorations.

The Creative Coding course also emphasizes working closely with people from industry. This allows you to gain industry relevant skills and habits.