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FAQs - Animation and Visual Effects


Bangalore is one of the important cities where animation and visual effects companies have flourished in the past two decades. The interesting aspect is the emergence of several start-ups and boutique studios making interesting work and trying to push a distinct voice of Indian talent in animation and moving image. Also, the cultural life of the city is shaped by the activities of various artist-run spaces, residency programmes for artists, writers and designers, independent film and dance festivals, commercial galleries, and sound&music organisations, which allow for a broad exploration of the contexts of moving image.

Srishti offers inquiry-based learning rooted in art and design processe and an interdisciplinary approach to moving image. India is at a historically significant moment with regard to animation and visual effects, where new content aimed at South Asia and South East Asia is gaining ground, along with content in the several regional languages within India. India is a storehouse of stories and culturally extremely rich, allowing for interesting new research and the development of individual art practices.



The post-graduate course in Animation and Visual Effects is currently focused on animation and the manipulated moving image made possible by aspects of visual effects. Students are welcome to work across a broad spectrum of practices, techniques and styles. Expertise, faculty and inputs are available to support different forms of image making techniques driven by the student’s particular interests and inquiry. They can also choose to work in contexts overlapping with other post-graduate courses at Srishti Manipal.


The program is designed to develop an individual voice and artistic practice in manipulated moving image. Hence the need of each student, their background, and their intent during the course will greatly determine the roles they can acquire once they graduate. The emphasis is on developing a holistic understanding of the possibilities of these fields. Graduates with a post-graduate award in Animation and Visual Effects will be able to function in different roles in the creative and cultural industries, sectors of media and entertainment, advertising, communication services, web design or in education and welfare sectors.

If you are interested in inventing and creating new worlds, if you like the art of communicating and especially to condense a lot of what you want to say in a short time, if you are playful, if you like drawing or building elements that can move and come to life, if you want to create fantastical moving image, if you want to have full control of the moving image world that you want to create, then this would be a good choice for you.


The course at Srishti Manipal gives high importance to context-based work. The context could be that of the industry, it could pertain to social, cultural or environmental themes, or be an enquiry of the personal and the content of one’s own experience and art making processes. The program is designed to help students be better learners and pursue their own goals and lines of inquiry. Situated in a multidisciplinary environment, there are good possibilities of comparing, acquiring and appropriating methods and processes from other disciplines into one’s own practice of digital media.

Yes, you will be able to pursue an MPhil or PhD at Srishti Manipal or in any other place of study of your choice.