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CPH@10 Public Talk X

The Center for Public History (CPH) at the Srishti Manipal Institute of Art, Design and Technology (SMI), Bengaluru (India) invites you to attend its tenth CPH@10 Public Talk on Friday, November 12, at 06:30 pm IST online.

The "I" in History: Writing a Sequel to Common People

by Alison Light

Abstract: How do we situate ourselves in the past? And what are those ‘selves’? In this talk, I shall focus on the relation between memory, memoir and history but do so by looking back critically at my last two books - Common People, which was my own family history, and A Radical Romance, a memoir of my marriage. I shall begin by considering the use of 'I' in these books and their different ways of writing about the past - from reverie to more conventional social history - which evoke a lived relation to history. I will then share my thoughts about a new book I hope to write about growing up English in the 1950s and ‘60s, and what Englishness might or might not have been. What kinds of sources might I use and what are the pitfalls?

To attend the talk, please register here: