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Story Lab

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” - Maya Angelou

Lead Researcher: Sandeep Ashwath

About the Story Lab

Stories are perennial and will always be relevant to evolving societies and cultures. The story lab welcomes diverse types of practitioners to come and play with stories, pull them apart, stick them back, stretch and squash them and reorient their relevance and form. Media forms and technologies are constantly changing and advancing, and accordingly stories, storytelling traditions and modes of reception need to be reshaped and re-appropriated. In this lab we mix and match forms, contexts and techniques to keep open the flow of inheritance and devolution, discovering new contemporary conversations and possibilities.


There has long been a way of thinking in India that believes fluid oral stories, when commited to writing, become fixed and limited. Storytelling has presence, atmosphere, gesture, movement, interaction and much more. It encapsulates a particular way of knowing. New media and technology allow multimodal and multi-platform tellings that can capture and expand the presence and experience of stories. Traditional modes of telling and historical genres need to become contemporary and pushed into brave new contexts. Evolving young minds and future trends must be grasped. Conservation and sustainability in media production and consumption must be addressed. These are some of the concerns of the lab.

Research Areas

Traditional art forms and digital futures
New media content and synesthesia
Re-imagination and innovation in media practices of generation Alpha

Ongoing Interests

Situated practices, myth and Indian animation
Cinema and the sacred, the artwork and the numinous
Poetry and animation
Deconstructing the processes of animating


The lab is a space to pursue short term or longer projects. It offers a context for transdisciplinary inquiry and opportunities to participate in ongoing research activities. It invites new ideas, research proposals, collaborations and explorations of practice as research.


For more information, please contact Sandeep Ashwath at