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Center for Experimental Media and Arts (CEMA)

“The future is now” - Nam June Paik


The Centre for Experimental Media and Arts (CEMA) is dedicated to artistic and curatorial experimentation with media and emerging technologies that have trandisciplinarity, cooperation and social change at their heart. The centre encourages practices, research and collaborations that employ new critical forms of reflection and engagement with contemporary culture and society, and are informed by technological developments and their aesthetic, socio-political and economic impact on our world.

CEMA's research projects foster experimentation across genres and disciplines, encompassing the following areas: art-science, digital and information arts, animation and visual effects, computer generated imagery (CGI), experimental film, sound art, theatre, media and activism, multimedia installation, and public art.

The centre was founded with the support of the Sir Ratan Tata Trust in 2007 by three artists-in-residence at Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology —Zack Denfeld, Gabriel Harp and Yashas Shetty (now leading (Art)ScienceBLR). Born as a hybrid media lab CEMA has evolved to respond to the way in which emerging technology and new media have intermingled with contemporary artistic production in the 21st century.

The Centre for Experimental Media and Arts (CEMA) works along with the following Research Labs

Art In Transit

Art in Transit is a public art initiative with the aim to facilitate meaningful discourse, research and practice of art, design, technology in spaces of transience.


(Art)ScienceBLR is a public laboratory for artists and designers to engage with scientific practices by looking at the artistic, social and political implications of technologies, from computing to biotechnology.

Blank Noise

Over a sixteen year period, Blank Noise has grown from being a student led project to an international network of ‘Action Heroes’: citizens committed to tackling street harassment and to changing public attitudes towards sexual violence.

The Kabir Project

Inspired by the spirit of Bhakti, Sufi and Baul traditions of mystic poetry, the Kabir Project has been engaged for the last 15 years in many journeys exploring the power and relevance of this poetry and music for our times.


For more information about this program, kindly email Meena Vari at